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From budgeting to monitoring to implementing, AMI coordinates all the services your community requires to run smoothly and efficiently.

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Administrative Service Offerings:

General Administration of Association
NEW RESIDENT/SALES INFORMATION (PREPARATION AND DISTRIBUTION) – Proposed new members can be sent a letter welcoming them to the community and explaining required approval processing, and availability of copies of documents, rules and regulations, Questions and Answers sheets, etc. The mailing can include any other information the Association would like to have sent to the proposed new owner.

RESIDENT ORIENTATION – This should be done by a committee of unit owners.

Assistance to Board of Administrators
YEARLY MANAGEMENT PLAN – An annual management plan can be developed for the Association. This includes a schedule of the events affecting the Association over the period of a year, listing of goals and objectives with deadlines, and appropriate budget to accomplish the goals.

STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES AND POLICY REVIEWS – This includes a review of the Association's operating procedures and policies and recommendation for improving them.

PERIODIC INVENTORY OF ASSOCIATION PROPERTY – This includes a listing of all property that is not part of the common elements such as: pool furniture, club room furniture, etc.

MINUTE TRANSCRIPTION – Most experts recommend that the Association's minutes be taken by the Board Secretary, a Board Member, or an independent third party. This will allow the majority of the Board and Manager to actively participate in the meeting discussions. If the AMI manager is requested to also be Acting Secretary for the meeting, minutes will only reflect topics discussed, and resultant direction or motions including Board voting.

MINUTE TYPING – This includes transcribing the Secretary's handwritten minutes and putting them in the proper format. If the minutes are typed by AMI, the minutes are reviewed by AMI for their content and, when appropriate, suggestions are made regarding changing the minutes to help avoid any future legal liability which could result from improperly or imprecisely prepared minutes.

NEWSLETTER – AMI will provide the editing, typing, and distribution of a newsletter written by the Board designated person(s).

POLICIES AND PROCEDURES – We have developed many policies and procedures that can be adopted as is or used as models for your own customized policies and procedures. Examples include: hurricane shutter installation, rules enforcement, record inspection, meeting procedures, and collections.

Maintain Association Files and Records
ORGANIZATION OF ASSOCIATION RECORDS – AMI maintains Association files at their office in an organized and accessible manner. AMI is very responsive to requests for historical documents from Board members and Association members. AMI maintains financial history and vendor files that include the original proposal and contract, as well as individual invoices throughout the relationship with the individual contractor. This avoids the necessity of tracking through many months of financial statements to locate individual invoices. Similarly, individual unit owner files are maintained that contain the original evidence of ownership, all correspondence received from and mailed to the owner, including any delinquency letters, and service requests.

RECORDS AND FILES MAINTENANCE – Colorado law requires the Association maintain an extensive list of records that must be available for inspection by any unit owner with a properly submitted written request to inspect the records. Our services includes keeping your records in compliance with the Law and handling requests to inspect your records.

Assist with Communications and Mail outs
SPECIAL MAILINGS – This includes typing, mailing or preparing for distribution, any special communications from the Board or its officers to the members or other third parties.

SPECIAL PHOTOCOPYING – Photocopying of Association's records is available when requested by the Board, owners or when required by Colorado Law.

Owner and Resident Rosters Maintained
MEMBER ROSTER MAINTENANCE – This includes maintaining the owners of record names, addresses, and phone numbers when provided.

TENANT (RENTER/LESSEE) ROSTER – Our computer system has fields that can be used to track the Renter or Lessee when requested. This service is part of our basic fee, if information is provided by owner or Board and does not require additional research.

Rules and Regulations Enforcement
RULES AND REGULATIONS ENFORCEMENT – AMI has developed over the years a system of letters that has proven to be very effective in enforcement of Association's rules and regulations. This also reduces or eliminates the need for neighbors to confront neighbors about the rules.

General Correspondence
GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE – This includes the drafting, word processing and filing of letters regarding Association business.

Resolve Owner Problems

Legal Counsel Liaison
LEGAL (ATTORNEY) LIAISON – AMI has worked with most attorneys in the area that specialize in Association Law. As a result of our extensive experience with attorneys that specialize in Association Law, we can save the Association significant dollars in legal expenses by assisting in defining the issue and proper communication to legal counsel for review. AMI will act as a liaison to the Association's attorney.

LIEN FILINGS AND FORECLOSURE PROCEEDINGS – AMI can provide this service for a separate fee. Or this can be done by the Association’s legal counsel. If done by legal counsel, AMI will coordinate and monitor the attorney’s performance of this duty.

Membership and Board Meetings
BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING ATTENDANCE – AMI's Community Association Manager will attend Board Meetings to discuss with the Board any of the work that AMI has undertaken since the last meeting and to assist the Board in compliance with its Documents, and Colorado Law.

SPECIAL MEETING AND/OR COMMITTEE MEETING ATTENDANCE – AMI's Community Association Manager will, if requested and advanced scheduling permits, attend Special Board Meetings or Committee Meetings to discuss any of the work that AMI has undertaken since the last meeting and to advise the Association of alternative courses of action.

ANNUAL MEETING ATTENDANCE – AMI's Community Association Manager will attend the Annual Meeting to answer questions of those in attendance regarding any of the work that AMI has undertaken since the last Annual Meeting and to assist in conducting or conduct the meeting in compliance with its Documents, and Colorado Law.

Annual Meeting and Election.
ANNUAL ELECTION AND MEETING NOTICE PREPARATION – AMI has developed a comprehensive Election and Meeting Notice package to comply with Colorado Law. This includes the first notice, receipt of notices from candidates, the preparation of the second notice, proxies, ballots, tracking of designated voters from year to year, information sheets received from candidates, and the preparation of an election and meeting sign-in roster.

ANNUAL MEETING COORDINATION – AMI's Community management in Colorado is available to handle or coordinate the registration process and the counting of any Ballots. Upon request, the President of AMI is available to conduct the Association's Annual Meeting.

Security Program Implementation

Tenant and Owner Application Approval
RE-SALES/RENTAL APPROVALS – AMI handles the processing of applications for the Board according to established procedure. AMI has developed a number of application forms for the Board's consideration. AMI can also obtain credit reports and other investigation reports for the Association.

RENTALS/LEASING – AMI does have an affiliated company that can handle, when requested to do so by the Association, an Association approved rental program for the Association.

Architectural Controls and Guidelines
ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW – This is usually handled by a committee. We have available many different systems and procedures for implementing a workable and successful Architectural review and approval program. The importance of such a program is crucial to the success of the community. The Board is charged with the responsibility of maintaining a uniform procedure to process requests. This service is available to establish and guide the Association's committee.

Insurance Review and Administration
INSURANCE LIAISON – This includes the preparation of insurance bid specifications, comparative schedules of quotations, completion of bond applications and mortgagee certificates, review of existing coverage, analysis of the market and advise regarding existing and future coverage.

Document Disclosure for Resale
RESALES: PREPARATION AND PROCESSING OF TRANSFER INFORMATION – The Association is required by Law to provide to a unit owner or unit mortgagee, a certificate giving the status of the unit owner's account within 15 days. However, these certificates are often demanded by attorneys and title companies on very short notice over the phone and then followed up by email. Also, information regarding the approval or disapproval of a lease or sale must be tracked and communicated to the parties involved. When the transfer involves a fee, the costs are charged to the owner.

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